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Industrial Lubrication Services Private Limited is not just about providing performance lubricants for your machinery. Industrial Lubrication Services Private Limited also offers unsurpassed Industry Expertise, programs and tools to support you and help you extract the most value out of our lubricants and your machinery.

Our Technical service team has a longstanding reputation for technical expertise that can be leveraged to enhance the reliability and productivity of your operation.

Our Lab Analysis Program is a state-of-the-art tool to monitor the condition of your lubricants (and equipment) to detect abnormal conditions early so that they can be addressed before equipment failure and unplanned downtime.

Industrial Lubrication Services Private Limited (ILS) Products Range are followings:

Industrial Grades                                 Passenger Vehicle Grades

Gas Engine Oils                                    Petrol Engine Oils
Mobil Pegasus 1
Synthetic                   Mobil 1   Synthetic
Mobil Pegasus 1005                                Mobil Super XHP Plus 20W50
Mobil Pegasus 905                                  Mobil Oil Super 20W50
Mobil Pegasus 805                                  Mobil Oil Special 20W50
Mobil Pegasus 710                                  
    Diesel Engine Grades
Turbine Oils & Circulation Oils                                                        
Mobil SHC 800 Series
Synthetic           Diesel Engine Oils
Mobil DTE 800 Series                              Mobil Delvac 1
Mobil DTE 700 Series                              Mobil Delvac MX 15W40
Mobil DTE Named Series                         Mobil Delvac Super 15W40 and 20W50

                                                                Mobil Delvac 1330, 1340, 1350
Gear Oils                                               Mobil Delvac Special 20W50
Mobil SHC 600 Series
Synthetic           Mobil Delvac 1130, 1140, 1150
Mobilgear 600 Series                              Mobil 950

Compressor Oils                                4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil
Mobil Rarus 800 Series 
Synthetic        Mobil Special 4-T  20W50
Mobil Rarus 400 Series                           

Greases                                                 Automatic Transmission Fluid
Mobil Askari Grease EP0, EP1, EP2         Mobil ATF 220
Mobil Askari Grease 2
Mobil Askari Grease 3
                             Brake Oil
Mobilgrease XHP 222                              Mobil Universal Brake Fluid DOT 4

Furnace Engine Oils                            Automotive Gear Oils
Mobilgard 412                                          Mobilube GX 80W90
Mobilgard M430                                       Mobilube GX 140
Mobilgard M440                                       Mobilube HD 80W90
                                                                Mobilube HD 85W140
Hydraulic Oils
Mobil DTE 20 Series
Hydraulic AW Series

Heat Transfer Oils
Mobiltherm 603 and 605